Go Get a Roomie! –by Chloe C.



“Go Get a Roomie” by Chloe C. is a wonderful webcomic that has been running for five years, now, and which you should all be reading. In brief, it is the story of an Asexual and an Aromantic who find love together and settle into an unusual relationship, surrounded by friends and family.

In reality, it’s rather more complex than that, and the series is not easily reduced to “elevator pitch” clichés.

The titular star of the series is Roomie. She has thus far not revealed any other name by which she goes. She is described as a lover of life, beer, and women, and is quite the bohemian soul. Roomie gets her nom de voyage from her habit of having no fixed residence of her own, trading housekeeping duties and sex for a place to sleep at night. While she is sexually free, and claims never to have fallen in love, she is a very loving person, and has never abused anyone’s trust, nor taken advantage of anyone sexually.

Roomie’s co-star is Lillian Tallis, or LT for short (or Lazy Tyke, or Lady Dyke, for purposes of teasing). When we first met her, she is withdrawn, and perpetually fatigued, exhibiting many of the symptoms of clinical depression. She loves fantasy stories, and is an extraordinarily lucid dreamer.

Roomie and Lillian first meet when Roomie shows up at her door by accident one night, too drunk to realize that she has returned to the wrong house. Presumably, Lillian’s brother Allan lets her in. The next morning, when Lillian rises, she is surprised by Roomie, who was cuddled up to her, sleeping through the night.

Roomie torments Lillian with endless humorous sexual innuendos and boundless cheerfulness. Lillian is not impressed with this interloper at first. But as the series goes on, Roomie gradually drags Lillian out the pit of despair she seems to live in, while Lillian helps Roomie temper her enthusiasm and to become more thoughtful about her life, rather than reactive. We even eventually learn enough, as they learn about each other, that Lillian might demisexual, rather than asexual; and Roomie may be likewise demiromantic rather than aromantic.

It is difficult to be too precise without spoilers. So I shall leave it to you the reader to find out for yourself.

The comic is filled with characters that might be considered part of the “alt” scene. There are all types of sexualities, from exclusively straight to exclusively gay, doms, subs, aces, transsexuals, intersexed folk—Essentially anything and anyone known to the human condition. And while there is a lot of sexual humor, the comic is more about relationships and growth.

And despite the fact that the comic is populated almost exclusively with “strange” or “unusual” characters, everyone gets along, with warmth and respect for one another (even if some may not necessarily understand others).

In addition to the main storyline, there are also stories told by various characters– Lillian in particular has told two tales from her dreams (“Winter Tale,” and “The Knight in Furs”) that could really stand on their own as picture storybooks.

The web addy is http://www.gogetaroomie.com. The auther, Chloe C. also has a Tumblr and a DeviantArt channel that you should also check out. AND, there is a Patreon page as well, where you can go to support superlative storytelling and art.

As a matter of fact, I just might have to think about reviewing each “episode” as it comes out.


“Go Get a Roomie” may not be a book, but it is a wonderful ongoing story, and what else is a book but a vehicle for stories?


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