Published Work

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Medousa is a work of myth-based fantasy set in ancient Greece. It is a re-telling of the myth of Medousa from her own point of view, focusing on Medousa’s struggles to retain the best parts of her humanity while living under a Goddess’ curse. The book traces her life, from her childhood as a slave in Sparta, to her death at the hands of Perseus on a remote island at the end of the world. This book tells the story of who Medousa was, rather than the monster that she has been portrayed to be throughout written history.

You Call This Living is a memoir of my early life, recounting some of the abuse I endured, and how I became a religious zealot because of it. It also recounts the first, last, and only romantic entanglement I ever endured. It’s a journey through self-discovery that led him away from religious faith to the freedom of atheism. Everything recounted in this book is true, to the best of my recollection, though names have been hidden or changed in order to protect the privacy of those who were involved.

Life Is a Fountain is a collection of meditative essays written upon quotes commonly attributed to Epicurus, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and others. Also included is a collection of essays, reflecting my opinions on various subjects from popular culture, to politics, to religion, and similar relevant topics. The book is meant to be read as an Ethical Will. An ethical will is a document that passes down lessons one has learned from Life, the ethical values acquired, advice, injunctions to the next generation, and sometimes personal reminiscences. Ethical wills are very personal and are meant to be transmitted from one generation to the next. Rabbis and Jewish laypeople have composed ethical wills from ancient times, the forms and purposes changing over time; but the contemporary styles we recognize today were developed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Love, Regret, and Other Silly Things is a small chapbook of poems about love, and regret; some erotic, and a few silly things just thrown in.

Wednesday’s Child is an earlier, expurgated version of my memoir, detailing how Christianity helped to ruin my life, and how a failed relationship helped to save me. This earlier edition is a fictionalized account of how I became religious, how doubts were sown, and how I sloughed off the manacles of superstition. Names have been changed, descriptions altered, and images blurred in order to protect the guilty.

Nabu’s Ignominy is a small anthology of poems, short stories, and aphorisms. Some of the poetic material is repeated in my chapbook, Love and Regret, and Other Silly Things.

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