MEDOUSA’s Publishing Date Draws on Apace….

Last night when I arrived home from work, I discovered the proof copy of my novel, MEDOUSA.

While I have had very mixed feelings about my self-publishing venture, I must admit that it felt pretty good to hold a professionally printed copy of my book in my hand. After working on it for three years, the writing, the editing, the nearly one hundred rejections from agencies and traditional publishers, I felt elated to be able to hold the fruits of my labour in my hand.

Of course, I also feel a great deal of trepidation. After all, maybe the reason that I received so many rejections is that my book really is shit. I might simply be deluding myself. Oh, it’s possible that I wasn’t querying properly. It’s possible that my style, or subject, or the handling of the subject, simply made my book not readily classifiable in a specific genre.

At this point in the process, though, I should probably leave it up to the readers to decide whether or not my novel is any good. After the time and money spent putting it all together, I can hardly complain at this point.

I just hope it doesn’t come across as poorly written fan-fic.

Now, it’s off to my CreateSpace dashboard to give them the go-ahead….

Stay tuned! Soon, MEDOUSA will be available for purchase in both hard copy and e-format!

About Michael Butchin

I was born, according to the official records, in the Year of the Ram, under the Element of Fire, when Johnson ruled the land with a heavy heart; in the Cradle of Liberty, to a family of bohemians. I studied Chinese language and literature at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. I spent some years in Taiwan teaching kindergarten during the day, and ESOL during the evenings. I currently work as a high school ESOL teacher, and am an unlikely martial artist. I have spent much of my life amongst actors, singers, movie stars, beautiful cultists, Taoist immortals, renegade monks, and at least one martial arts tzaddik. I currently reside in Beijing's Dongcheng district
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